Plant Medicine Retreat

Cost: R2900 Investment

These exclusive retreats are designed to help you uncover and release past trauma’s and deep wounds which are consciously or subconsciously holding you back from living your best life. Often, traumas which are hidden or not understood drive us in our everyday lives to make decisions in relationships and work which manifest in more trauma, hurt and pain.

Hurt people hurt people. These wounds start to bleed onto others causing more trauma, pain and hurt, not only for ourselves, but those we love and care for.

We address these underlying driving forces and help you to accept, understand and release these patterns which have held you captive for so long. These retreats give people enlightening experiences which changes lives for the better. There are astonishing positive effects such as finding out your life purposes, cured incurable sicknesses and finding out the truths and mysteries of the universe. For more information on these retreats, please contact Our Heart Centre directly.

Our next Plant Medicine Retreat will be from 20 – 22 August 2021 in Midrand.

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