Walking Into Womanhood Mornings

R250 per Young Lady Investment

R200 per Mother Investment

After holding many Ladies Mornings at Our Heart Centre, it has become very apparent how such deep wounds were created from a very young age for so many young women. With nobody to turn to, not even their parents for a long string of reasons. Subsequently, many young women had no idea what their Menstrual cycle was, or it’s been made a negative or bad thing to them.
Lastly, so many women wish that they could have had this information we share on our Ladies Mornings accessible to them when they were younger, as well as someone that they could ask questions, or share what’s going on in their lives.
As a consequence of this, we have opened a platform of holistic healing and therapy for all young ladies from age 10 to age 19 to come and share a morning with us at Our Heart Centre. Moms are most welcome to join, with your daughters consent 🤣
In conclusion we will guide these young ladies through a morning of understanding what it means to be feminine, what true sisterhood looks and feels like, the deeper meaning of Menstrual Cycles, how we connect to the moon and mother earth, Breathwork, Meditation and a morning of pure connection.

Our next Walking Into Womanhood Morning will be at Our Heart Centre in Midrand from 9am to 12pm.