Root in Soul Movement Ceremony

Date : To be Announced

Time : 5pm – 8:30pm 

Venue : Our Heart Centre, Midrand 

Investment : R490 

Connect to your Roots in Dance! 
Join us in a celebration of Self for all genders, and all ages above 12 years old. 🤗
Using African dance to ground through the soles of the feet into the soul of the body, to shift and release built up tension, reconnect with the body and balance the root chakra. 
African dances are earth-centred. Dancers repeatedly return to the earth as they give themselves to the rhythmic pulses of their dance, interpreting the percussive patterns of the music through their postures, gestures, and steps.
In the ceremony you will be guided through meditative movement to transform any negative ideas about dance, the body, and Self and to loosen the muscles to prepare the body to move.
We incorporate different African elements throughout the ceremony which will help build up an internal shift and release, bringing you to a place of pure joy, empowerment and ease to help you flow in your own body and in life. 
What you will gain from this ceremony – 
💃🏽 Learn and share in African dance, and how this dance style and percussion drums, relate to the root chakra
💃🏽 Receive movement and body positive tools, to incorporate into your daily practices 
💃🏽 Free yourself from old patterns and constricted movement and shift into a new, free you
💃🏽 Reduction of stress and relief from anxiety & depression 
💃🏽 Increased energy 
💃🏽 Truly connecting to your Self on a mental, emotional, physical and spiritual level
About your facilitator-
Niharah has over 20 years experience in the performing arts. Becoming well versed over the years, in many different styles of dance & theatre through her studies, teaching & creative directing experience, and performing throughout Africa and the U.S with a dance company. 
Through her travels to east, west and South Africa, Niharah has had the honour of spending extensive time living and working with the origin people of these African dance styles, learning the history, symbolisms and language of African dance, giving her a deeper appreciation of African cultures, the healing aspects of African dance, and of movement itself.