Goddess Transformation

Date: 10 August 2024

Time : 9am to 5pm

Our Heart Centre, Midrand

R1100 Investment 


You are a pure beam of Light, a Creator, a Divine Being.
You are a Goddess. 🧡
Are you ready for the transformation you have been seeking?
Join us for a full day of healing, wholeness and awakening as you ignite the Goddess within.
It will be a journey of discovery of the power that lies within, a day of sharing, loving and holding each other in sisterhood, as we heal trauma’s, unwanted patterns and all of those wounds that keep us from shining freely in the world.
The divine feminine is the expression of the ancient mother in all her forms. From this space creativity, compassion and intuition flow endlessly. To connect with the divine feminine within is to become aligned with the truest expression of who you are. It is a woman who enters the highest octave of her inner power and embodies her divine essence. It is to fully realize the powerhouse that feminine energy is, and to live through it.
You can expect an influx of new wisdom, unfolding, connection and FUN as we rise in love together!
🧡 Guided Sound Journey Meditations
🧡 Deep Healing in the Feminine
🧡 Guidance and Techniques on Taking back and Standing in Your Power
🧡 Deeper discovery of Self
🧡 True, Authentic sisterhood
🧡 Techniques on How to Listen and How to be Heard Through True Communication
🧡 Guidance Around Bringing Balance Into Your Life
We will also have the wonderful medicine of San Pedro on offer for those that would like to deepen their experience 🌵
Email info@ourheartcentre.co.za  /  WhatsApp 072 846 1942