Date : To be announced

9am – 12pm


Investment: R300 per child for 1 child, R250 per child for 2 or more children.

R200 per parent/accompanying adult.


“Personal history, people and places in your life influence your brain development. A lifelong set of beliefs of behaviours can emerge when trauma is experienced at a young age” – Bruce Perry



It is vital for children to be provided a space where coping skills and self-regulation which they need for healthy brain development, is provided. In a children’s healing circle, it is one way to expand the bond of human connection and make our world a safer, more humane space.

Our Healing Circle is a place where we teach important lessons about the sanctity of all of life: the trees, water, sky, plants, animals and people. We will play, express and do fun things in love with these children to help them release, express, heal and love!


Please email us at to book your spots!