Date: 7 April 2024

Time: 9am – 5pm

Our Heart Centre, Midrand

R1300 Investment


Wu Ji Gong, also known as Primordial Tai Chi, is an ancient Cosmological Qigong form,
a sacred movement ceremony which takes just 15-30 minutes to practice daily. 
It is a dynamic form of Qigong that combines mindfulness and movement to cultivate harmony and inner peace.
With each movement of the form, you will begin to unlock a deep sense of flow,
allowing you to explore deeper dimensions of Self and tap into the infinite wisdom of your soul.
It is like a sacred dance with the universe, connecting you to the boundless peace that resides within us all. 
Though primarily designed to open the communication with the spiritual dimensions within,
this form also brings powerful benefits for healing and supporting our day to day lives in a very practical way.
Through its graceful spiralling movements and gestures in all directions, the form creates a unique sacred geometry
which has a mysterious power to open the spiritual heart. Directly translated, “WuJi Gong” means “develops skill for entering the Unknowable Mystery”.
Working with this incredible, ancient tool offers so many beautiful benefits to our modern lives, such as: 
* Releasing stress and trauma.
* Cultivating a sense of harmony and balance within your energetic system, which will reflect in your external world. 
* Deep Soul centering, allowing you to tackle the hustle and bustle of everyday life from a calm and centered space.
* Improving your vitality and immunity
* Powerfully supports both physical and spiritual grounding
* Addresses the lack of integration between Soul & personality 
* Easily develops a more powerful spiritual presence 
* Excellent for anyone for whom seated meditation is a challenge
Through the course of this full-day workshop, you will experience the transformative power of Wu Ji Gong.
You will learn the complete practice, and take away a profoundly powerful tool which you will have for life.
The gentle movements are easy to learn and suitable for everyone, and the benefits of the practice only continue to get deeper over time.
Robyn Engelbrecht is a holistic wellness guide who is passionate about supporting others to reconnect with the body and awaken the innate wisdom and healing capacity that lies within. Immersed in the fields of spirituality and natural healing for over 15 years, she is the first certified Wu Ji Gong instructor in South Africa, and considers the sacred dance of Wu Ji Gong to be one of the greatest spiritual gifts she has received.


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