Animal Connection Retreats

Date: 4 – 6 October 2024

In Vaalwater 

R4400 investment

Inlcuding : Accomodation, Nutritious Meals and the Medicine of San Pedro 


This special retreat will take us into deep self, planetary & all creatures healing.
Join us at this special rehabilitation Centre & forever home to lions, jaguar, wolves and more. Connecting & rooting ourselves deeply in Africa. 🦁
We all want to know what our spirit, totem or even power animals are but have we taken the time to truly get to know these amazing creatures to fully embrace the gifts they share with us?
Our Animal Connection Retreat is an exceptionally unique opportunity to understand these precious animals and ourselves on a deeper, spiritual level.
An amazing space for understanding ourselves and our connection to the earth, sun, moon and stars is created here for all of us to learn, grow and expand ✨
This truly is a remarkable, sacred retreat for those who wish to delve deeply into Self, the Animal Kingdom, Earth and beyond!
Do you want to connect with Tigers?
Do you want to connect with Wolves?
Do you want to connect with Lions and so many other powerful animal’s spirits?
If you’re ready to take your understanding to the next level, come and join us for this journey of deep inner healing surrounded by the giants of the animal kingdom.
Please email to book your spot.