Shadow Work Workshop

Cost: R1500 Investment

Everyone is rushing through life at a hundred miles an hour going from experience to experience without taking a moment of true introspection. We break our psychological bones into pieces and hardly give a second thought to actually healing them. And so, we become a fragmentation of our true selves. We are living like haunted houses, filled with the ghosts and demons of our past, and we become so accustomed to this background of pain and suffering that we live with, that life has to bring us back down to rock bottom before we are finally willing to face our darkness. We can heal before we get to this space!

Healing brings you everything that you are looking for. A heart that is truly at peace with itself is the greatest treasure that one can ever find! The Universe is benevolent and it wants to give you everything your heart desires, but to receive its abundance, you first have to let go of all the pain and anger you’re holding on to.

Join us for our next 3 week online Shadow Work Workshop where we will meet once a week for a one hour group chat.

This workshop will also include 2 half an hour private sessions with Angy-Lee. 


Creating Your Magik Workshop

Cost: R1500 Investment

Angy-Lee has created an online workshop and she is SO excited to share this.

“I took information from what I have studied over the last 18 years and broke it down into a workshop called Creating your Magik – Creating the life you want and living it on purpose”.

The workshop will cover Life Purpose and how to discover yours; Understanding the law of attraction; How to understand what it is you want out of life; Application and anchoring your life purpose; Life skills – a journey to understanding self. 

The workshop is a 1 month course and a connection via video call once a week.



Understanding Your Ego Workshop

Cost: R1500 Investment

The good, the bad and the ugly.

So many people completely misunderstand the ego saying that we need to get rid of the ego, it’s bad! Without ego there would be no subject and no object. There would be no “I love you”, because there would be no I and no you…

Join us for this 2 Week (3 group calls) Online Workshop on Understanding The Ego.  These are some of the understandings you will gain insight on:

Understanding all the types of egos is a huge step towards understanding yourself.

Recognising that which serves you and that which doesn’t will help you to become more present in your life.

It will help you to understand other people, their actions and motivations. It will lead to a more fulfilling life with clearer understanding of your intentions and your own path forward. How to be a better leader in your home, your business, your community and your life. The difference between the ID, the ego and the super ego and how they each play a role in your life. How your ego was constructed and why. What ego death is

And so much more… 


Online Chakra Workshop

Cost: R1800 Investment or R300 per class.

Join us for this Eight Week online workshop every Wednesday evening from 18h00 to 20h00. 

Each evening we will be exploring a specific Chakra, the meanings, how to work with the Chakra, how to balance your Chakra’s, sounds & colours for each Chakra, and so much more.

This course will teach you how to heal and energise yourself by understanding the 7 Chakras and how to remove any blockages of the energy flow in your body. Here are some more details of what you’ll learn:

  • How to locate your 7 Chakras in your body and their functions
  • How to diagnose whether each chakra is blocked or healthy
  • How to strengthen any one of your chakras
  • How to identify the chakra orientation in others
  • The Meanings, symbols, deities, sounds, crystals, oils of each Chakra

And so much more!



Online Wellness Day

Physical, mental, emotional and spiritual wellness is vital, especially during these times.

Join us for our online Wellness Day with our team of experts in the fields of nutrition, psychology, spirituality, fitness, meditation and breathwork. We will be providing expert advice and guidelines as well as an interactive approach for you to engage in order to deeply understand yourself and your health better.