Wellness Day

Date: to be announced

Time : 9am to 3pm

Our Heart Centre, Midrand

R1500 Investment 


Wellness, especially nutrition, always felt so very complicated to me. And if something is not simple enough, I left it alone. Feeling overwhelmed by what to eat, how to make juice, what’s good for my blood type, etc. The simple ways and truths of not only understanding wellness, but applying it to my everyday routine.
The saying, “healthy body, healthy mind” is so very true! I started my healthy eating habits three years ago and recently I delved even deeper into it. I HAVE NEVER FELT BETTER!! We are blessed to have experts in this field to spend a day with us at Our Heart Centre to share this incredible life style of eating with you too.
We will be delving deeper into: Blood group eating; Nutrition; Cleansing and what this means; Detoxing and what this means; When you should be eating during the day and why; Fruits & vegetables and their nutritional values and what parts of the body they serve; Juicing made easy. We will have hands on, practical juicing lessons; We will discuss Supplements, vitamins & minerals and which are best for you and why; A fun yoga session; Organic facial products hands on demonstration and so much more!