Date: 13 April 2024

Time : 9am to 5pm

Our Heart Centre, Midrand

R1100 Investment


Unlock the power of Expression.
If you find it difficult to express yourself, this workshop is for you. So many of us walk around stuck in what we want to say and how to express what we have to say.
The Throat Chakra relates to communication, self-expression and the ability to speak your personal truth. With this workshop, most importantly, we assist you in clearing your throat chakra, when that space is cleared of the physical, mental and emotional blockages, it allows for spiritual truths to flow freely. Needs, desires, boundaries, ideas and expectations all become easier to effectively communicate from a place of empathy and love.
Join us on this transformative journey to enhance your assertiveness and strengthen your relationships, both personally and professionally.

We will take a dive into what the throat chakra is, how to recognize and release blockages, as well as the mantras, sounds, vowels, animals and totems around the Throat Chakra. 

Helping you find your voice is the aim of this fun workshop. Helping you find your joy is the gift this workshop.

Please email to book your spot!


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