About Us


Angy-Lee has 18 years experience in energy healing and Metaphysics with extensive training in Sound therapy, Trauma release, Tapping techniques, Chakra modalities, Plant medicine and she is a qualified Reiki Master. Angy-Lee is also qualified as a Traditional Healer specializing in the Elementary Human anatomy, as well as the application and uses of traditional healing and traditional medicine. – African National Healers Association – Dr. A Marcon
(000 11070/001) Combining Sound Therapy and energy healing, she will guide you deep within to unlock that which is holding you back from living your truest potential.

Whether the healing required is for past traumas, stress related, emotional or mental issues, or physical diseases, these are diagnosed and addressed with the modality most suited. Her passion is integration coaching, as her belief is that life is the Ceremony we live and we have to integrate our lessons learnt  through plant medicine and healing sessions. Angy-Lee is hands on and will assist you on your path forward after the incredible experiences, information and insights you receive through your Ceremonies and Workshops attended. Her workshops include Sound Workshops, Voice Opening Ceremonies, Family Connection Ceremonies, Chakra Workshops, Couples Retreats, Couple’s Days, Wellness Workshops, Ladies Retreats, In Care of Self Retreats, Ladies Healing Circles, Walking Into Womanhood Mornings, Plant Medicine Retreats, Medicine hikes, Shadow Work Workshops, Creating Your Magik Workshops and Understanding The Ego Workshops. Angy-Lee and her team travel through South Africa and Namibia to do this Sacred Work in helping people heal.



Malvern is in the medical field, specializing in point of care diagnostics and technologies. Despite working in a scientific environment, his passion lies in a natural way of living where science is only one element to a holistic way of life. His love for health and people has inspired him to use food and nature as medicine for healing, having healed himself through this belief is what inspired him to share his experience and knowledge with others. Malvern assists in navigating your way to better health through hands on workshops provided at Our Heart Centre. Malvern lives by “knowing is not doing, true power is doing what you know” Malvern’s specialties include the Wellness workshops, In Care of Self Retreats, Couples Retreats and Plant Medicine Retreats where he guides in self actualization, health and nutrition and healing the wounds in this country.


Frits has been studying in the field of plants, metaphysics and the union between the two for the past 13 years, specifically specializing in San Pedro and healing via sacred ceremony modalities. Frits is extremely well versed in and has studied various religions and spiritual paths from around the world. Frits has been assisting in ceremonies for the past 7 years using sound and instruments to guide and unlock participants as well as energy healing. Frits is able to assist you in connecting with deeper aspects of your being and assisting you via various modalities including song, instruments, sacred medicine, meditations and Breathwork, amongst others, to reach your next step of personal evolution.



Chloé Joy has been working with Sacred Plant Medicine for over 6 years. Her own intimate journey, through the Medicine, has deepened her understanding and knowledge of her personal path as well as that of the world that we live in. As a consequence thereof, she has made life choices that led her to actively and avidly help other people. Through her gentle and soft nature, Chloé Joy shares her compassion and joy facilitating in the ceremonial spaces. She guides us in sacred song and assists her fellow brothers and sisters during their spiritual soul journeys. Chloé Joy is Our Heart Centre’s secretary and right hand lady to Angy-Lee. She is the point of call at Our Heart Centre making bookings, appointments and sending out all the necessary info regarding Our Heart Centre. Chloé Joy also manages all the natural plant medication for depression, anxiety, sleep loss, etc.


Paul has been working with and facilitating Plant medicine retreats for the past 6 years. He is quite literally, the back bone of Our Heart Centre. He also facilitates the Couple’s retreats as well as the sound workshops, Voice Opening ceremonies and Family connect ceremonies. Paul is often referred to as the protector by people who attend our ceremonies. Husband to Angy-Lee, Paul supports Our Heart Centre in whichever way possible, guiding, holding and loving each attendee who comes through the Our Heart Centre doors.

paul macron

Louise Stansell-Laird

Is a qualified Nutritional Practitioner, specializing in Nutritional Blood Analysis. Knowing what to eat and what not to eat is vital for any healthy way of life BUT knowing what foods are the best and worst for your blood group is even more important. She is able to provide with insight on how you can achieve a healthier lifestyle through live blood analysis and personalize your specific requirements. Nutritional blood analysis will give you the answers you are looking for.