Giving and Receiving ☯

My ex husband used to buy me something and then use it against me afterwards, it was truly horrible. He even traded my perfectly wonderful car in (without my knowledge) for another car and then put it on his name (control issues). At the time I was not happy about it, at all but I was told I am ungrateful as it was a much ‘better’ car. By the time we divorced, I of course had nothing.

It took me years of work on myself to be able to receive again because I believed that everyone who gave had an alterior motive. Of course not everyone does, so many people have a giving heart and don’t hold it over your head.

When you give, give without expectation. Give without remembering what you gave. Give with a heart of love, not a heart of control and manipulation. If you give to remind someone later what you gave them, it says a lot about you!!

I receive abundance in this Universe because I live by this philosophy. I give from a grateful, love-filled heart and hand, and therefor I live in the flow of life, not clutching and grasping at everything. My hands are open to receive and to let go practicing non-attachment every day. Open both hands and allow life to flow freely through you.

In love always,
Our Heart Centre 💟

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