Choose Wisely! 😍🦋

I have had some pretty bad habits in my life. I have made some poor choices too. It took me years of undoing, years of forgiving myself and others, only to reach a point where I went from forgiveness to thank you’s. Forgiveness gave me the peace of mind, but the thank you’s gave me the peace of heart and soul.

I learnt SO much in my life, why do I need to forgive the lessons, the people and myself? I have learnt and I have grown from every single circumstance, situation, lesson and person!!

Which leads me to this message…

Every day we are given a brand new opportunity to pick up what we choose. A bad habit, a good habit; Unforgiveness, forgiveness; positive attitude, negative attitude; etc etc.

I urge you to choose wisely. The more you keep yourself weighed down with negativity, pain, unforgiveness, etc, the easier and more comfortable it gets to remain there. Choose to do and create new ways of living and growing, choose the thank you’s… These habits will become your foundation for greatness.

In Love always,
Our Heart Centre 💟